HighDesign R6.1 Adds New Graphics Features, macOS Monterey Support

Hello everybody, HighDesign was just updated with cool new features that greatly expand its graphics capabilities! R6.1 also adds macOS Monterey support, improved performance, new hatch patterns and symbols, and much more. macOS Monterey HighDesign R6.1 is fully compatible with Apple’s latest and greatest version of macOS! In addition to that, as a Universal app …

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HighDesign R5.3

The third update to the HighDesign R5 line is now available for download, either from the Downloads page or from the Update directly in HighDesign. Quality of projects and workflow are extremely important to us. As all CAD and architecture design professionals know very well, those two key factors influence each other for the eventual …

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Using styles in HighDesign

Design with Style

Learn how to use styles effectively in your projects. A typical CAD project contains a very large number of objects, which can often reach the thousands. With the increase of graphic objects, parametric elements, groups and symbols, the complexity of the project also increases exponentially, and so does the time needed to find and modify …

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