HighDesign 2015.1 Released

We released HighDesign 2015.1 just a few days ago, on May 30th. This new release focuses on features in the project and user preferences, several enhancements and stability improvements. We also wanted to collect some more feedback from users, since the 2015 release was a big change from the previous 1.8.7.

Project properties, like units, colours, and grid settings are now saved into the user preferences, so that new documents created with the automatic template (the “New” command in the file menu) use the previous settings. Also new are a full-screen crosshair cursor option, long-click to activate panning and the Area units section.

DXF, DWG, PDF and printing have also been improved with options, fixes and more compatibility.


Full HighDesign 2015.1 Release Notes

•    Hatches: Speed optimisations.
•    Project defaults for units, colours and grid applied to new documents and “Auto” templates.
•    Workspace Preferences: added full-size crosshair option
•    New long-click feature: press and hold the pointer to pan the canvas.
•    Snap to grid now automatically excludes the other snaps if they are disabled.
•    The Welcome window now provides tabs to access files, templates and examples.
•    Filled shapes and images can be selected with a click inside of the Arrow tool.
•    New Area units section in Project Properties.
•    Print: new option to exclude fills from the monochromatic option.
•    Hatch Inspector: added hatch colour distinct from stroke.

•    Temporary items are cleaned when the app closes
•    PRO: Custom presets did not load correctly
•    PRO: Styles that include presets did not load correctly
•    Double-clicking a text with the Arrow tool now allows to close the box by clicking outside.
•    PRO: Improved conversion of walls, doors and windows from older documents.
•    Improved synchronisation of colours in older documents.
•    Improved DXF conversion.
•    Horizontal orientation applied to new dimension labels.
•    PDF: improved export of vertical labels.
•    PRO: Improved transfer and duplicate objects to sheet.
•    Improved parsing of fractional feet and inches input.
•    Welcome Window: Fixed special characters in Recent file names
•    Layer Manager: fixed synchronisation between selected layer and Delete button
•    Layers: improved safety when loading duplicate layers.
•    Grouped symbols did not load correctly.
•    The Snaps panel now opens in new sessions if it was previously used, regardless of the sidebar status.
•    Improved the option “Snap to Grid disables other snaps”.
•    Default text units for text and dimension objects are now properly stored in the preferences.
•    Hatch tool: Fit To Arc editing now works correctly.
•    Rectangles, Groups can now resized proportionally.
•    Texts, Annotations: fixed scale operations.
•    Miscellaneous fixes




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