HighDesign 2015.2.1 and OS X 10.11 El Capitan

HighDesign 2015.2.1 Available, Ready for OS X El Capitan


The new OS X 10.11 El Capitan from Apple is now available for download on the Mac App Store. This new OS improves on the previous Yosemite in terms of user experience and, most of all, speed. Thanks to the new (for Macs) Metal technology, the increase in graphics performance is well noticeable in overall usage and in graphics-intensive applications like HighDesign. Everyday tasks and CAD operations in HighDesign, like zooming, panning, and redrawing really benefit from the new Apple OS X.

Just 24 hours after the new OS X El Capitan, we are excited to announce the release of HighDesign 2015.2.1. This new update focuses on improving the user experience, with many small enhancements that make the workflow smoother and the user interface more intuitive. Button behaviour, input fields, synchronisation between windows and panels, and responsiveness have all been improved.

As always, we carefully listened to our users’ feedback and requests. New features and changes were introduced in 2015.2 and 2015.2.1 to improve stability and make the use of the CAD tools more flexible. Repair Document has been enhanced and many situations are now handled in a more transparent way with automatic-repair features; Fillet and Chamfer can now be applied both to selected items and clicked objects; switching between edit tools is now easier; the new edit cursor and the status bar now differentiate more between drawing and editing; a new preference allows to set the Arrow tool as the only way to edit objects; and many more small enhancements.

DWG/DXF support has improved with broader compatibility, better support for blocks and more entity types like AutoCAD MLine.

We also worked a lot on the Wall tool to improve intersections, stability and use. The new Rebuild Wall tool was introduced to fix complex nodes and walls, and the highlight during construction helps to define the active wall and its leading side.

This new update comes less than a week after 2015.2 and we intend to continue delivering fast updates while at the same time working for the next major version.

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