HighDesign for Education

At Ilexsoft, we strongly believe in the critical importance of education and research in the world of today. Breakthrough innovations and new technologies empower people, open new opportunities and change lives. And changes begin with design.

Accessing the best tools available is essential for effective collaboration and creative thinking. That is why we offer a free educational license of HighDesign to students, teachers and academic institutions.

The Education version is a fully functional “Professional” version that can be activated with a serial number. Anyway, there are some differences with Pro version:

  • The license is valid for one year, after which the software will cease to function. An EDU license can be renewed as long as the qualifications still apply.
  • Printed pages and exported images will have an irremovable “HighDesign Educational License” watermark on the top margin.
  • The EDU file format is the same as the regular file format, but is internally marked as EDU. A commercial project can be opened in HighDesign Educational, but once saved it will become permanently a EDU file and will display the watermark.

To request a serial number, go to http://www.ilexsoft.com/educational/index.html, check your qualification and apply by filling the request form. The EDU version is open to school, college and higher education students, teachers, researchers and faculty staff involved in educational programs.

We request that you provide a proof of your eligibility. This is usually a picture of your student/teacher ID card, but an .edu email address is also sufficient.

With its easy-to-learn interface and complete range of drafting tools, HighDesign is particularly well suited for CAD instruction and drafting. As a professional CAD software for Mac, HighDesign has been used for years in a number of institutions across the world, including the University of Vermont and the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR, the Italian agency of scientific research).


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