HighDesign 2017. Alternative CAD and Beyond

HighDesign is, in its essence, a CAD software. Yet with its design tools and an approach to projects rather than drawings it is also much more. Whereas most other solutions on the market offer traditional drafting tools, which keep in line with the digital drafting board paradigm, HighDesign adds an object oriented solution to the needs of design professionals and a focus on a clear organization and management of complex projects.


HighDesign 2017 Radial Menu
The radial menu in HighDesign 2017. Contextual, focused access to the relevant functions.


The advanced user interface is an integral part of the special workflow of HighDesign. Years of study on human-machine interaction, our professional experience and the valuable feedback from our users create the unique relationship of user interface and workflow that sets the HighDesign user experience apart in the landscape of pro CAD software.


Overview of HighDesign 2017 Pro. The project is organized in sheets, layouts and views.


Instead of having an abstract Model Space container where all the drawings are arranged in one, often chaotic workspace, with no drawing scale and no real units, HighDesign organizes the project into its natural components. Both HighDesign 2017 Standard and Pro now include the technology of sheets. A sheet is a foundational part of a project: with properties such as own drawing scale, units and origin, sheets offer the freedom to create and arrange easily the different parts of a project. Plans, details, views, layouts, imported drawings and embedded images can be placed on different sheets, each with its appropriate scale and units. No need to resize the drawings and create dimension styles just to simulate the correct units and scales.

The Pro edition includes parametric design elements like composite walls, columns, doors and windows that are hard to find in traditional CAD packages. Project views, by combining visible sheets with layers, allow the designer to move instantly across the project, activate layouts, check the current phase over the initial sketches or site constraints. By using parametric objects that obey to real-world constraints (for example, a door cannot be placed on the intersection of two walls), HighDesign Pro shows its affinity to the BIM (Building Information Modeling) mindset and workflow, where the objects on screen are digital representations of the physical elements of a building.

For these reasons we are introducing HighDesign 2017 as the alternative CAD solution.

Ready for macOS Sierra. Coming soon on Windows…

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