HighDesign for Windows Beta 1

We are excited to announce that the first public beta of HighDesign for Windows is available! We have done a lot of work to arrive here because we want both the Mac and Windows versions to behave the same as much as possible.

Known Issues:

  • The installer is not codesigned yet.
  • Color fills cannot have islands.
  • Gradients are disabled.
  • Export to PDF is not complete.


  • HighDesign 2017.3b1 has been tested to run on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Creators Update. The software may be able to run on other systems, such as Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, but we cannot guarantee it will be exempt of issues.


Download HighDesign 2017.3 beta 1


Log in to the Ilexsoft Bugbase and go to Report Issue. The same form can be used both to report software and documentation issues and to request a feature.

Reporting Guidelines
  • An issue is a problem with an existing feature that does not work as documented. A missing feature, that is a functionality that does not currently exist, is not an issue. In that case, you are welcome to suggest a new feature or a change to an existing functionality.
  • The more details you provide, the quicker we can solve the issue. Please include screenshots or files if they help describe the issue.
  • Include the steps required to reproduce the issue, if not obvious.

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