HighDesign Beta progress

The new HighDesign for Windows beta is ready.We’ve been working on keyboard shortcuts: the whole system was redesigned to fix the way shortcuts are assigned to menu items and include Windows-specific shortcuts. The Shortcuts pane also had to be updated to reflect the internal changes and it is more usable than the old one.

Another change is that the Windows beta has been merged with the main beta development line. That means that the version number is now 2018 b2! That’s right, you get to test the new features (at least those that we chose to reveal) of the shining new HighDesign 2018, which will be available later this year.

Two new features are already present in this beta: Viewports and Navigation controls.

To download the latest beta, go to the Beta Program page and download the version for your system.


1 thought on “HighDesign Beta progress”

  1. Hi there

    I’m just dowloading W10 beta2_64, after the installation when i try to open
    High design Wbeta 2 a msg said :
    beta expired … download a more recent release ….

    There is a Windows beta 3… ?

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