Happy New Year (and Next Release)

This year has certainly been unique, and given the expectations everybody in the world was having about 2020 exactly one year ago, one would be excused for being a bit hesitant about openly showing optimism for 2021. Yet we think we should, for many reasons, so let’s take a look at what’s coming next month.

This past year has brought some very good news for the professional designers who love their Mac: Apple released the first machines based on their own ARM chip, named M1, and, wow, are they fast! That is excellent news for all creatives and content-producers, such are architects, engineers and designers. The Mac is again a fantastic platform for graphics and multimedia.

That is why we, at ILEXSOFT, have focused deeply on the next release of HighDesign, which will be officially named HighDesign R6. This new release will be fully compatible with both Intel- and Apple Silicon-based Macs. We’ve been testing this gem internally and the results have been very satisfying.

HighDesign R6 running on macOS Big Sur, on Apple Silicon

In addition to compatibility with Apple Silicon and with macOS Big Sur, a large part of our efforts have been directed at improving speed and graphics quality. We’re glad with the improvements achieved, that show big speed increments in screen redraws (~30%), select, delete, save, open.

The quality of graphics has also been improved, with nicer high-definition rendering of lines, better dash patterns, arcs and curves.

There are of course many other great additions and improvements you’ll discover this January.

For now, from all the ILEXSOFT team, our best wishes to you for a very happy and prosperous new year!

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