HighDesign R6.1 Adds New Graphics Features, macOS Monterey Support

Hello everybody, HighDesign was just updated with cool new features that greatly expand its graphics capabilities! R6.1 also adds macOS Monterey support, improved performance, new hatch patterns and symbols, and much more.

macOS Monterey

HighDesign R6.1 is fully compatible with Apple’s latest and greatest version of macOS! In addition to that, as a Universal app since the R6 release, HighDesign can run natively on both Intel and Apple M1 equipped machines so you can take advantage of the full potential of your hardware.

File Safety

Your data is very important and it should be kept as safe as possible. HighDesign R6.1 Pro adds automatic archiving so that you can always retrieve the previous versions of your projects.

The .zip archived backups are stored in one centralized location so it is easy to find and synchronize with your preferred backup system.

Multiple Color Palettes

Choosing the right color palette has become a fundamental part of the design process, both to achieve the desired results for the customer and to associate information and thus meaning to the various project elements. HighDesign R6.1 adds the ability to create and use multiple palettes at the same time in a project, so for example you can use a palette for plan and section views, another palette for piping systems, and yet another for rendered elevations.

Also, with the support for .ASE files (Adobe Swatch Exchange), you can download thousands of palettes from your favorite brands, manufacturers and designers.

New Gradient Editor

gradient editor

Gradients have been greatly enhanced too with easier controls and more options. You can now create your own library of gradient presets that can be applied instantly with a click.

We created gradient presets for skies, grass, mirrors and glass, and more will come!


Object shadow attributes
The new Object Shadow attribute

Object shadows are a great way to add character and effectiveness to your drawings. With this new panel, you can apply a shadow to each object and control its color, offset in both pixels and project units, blur and angle.

New Graphic Attributes Panel

Stroke and Fill properties received new features as well. Object strokes add the ability to control line caps and joints individually, and the object fill has a new global opacity value.

All these new features are now grouped together in a new Graphic Attribute panel that gives you easy access to all the stroke, fill and shadow properties.

Arrange Panel

The new Arrange panel makes easily available all the functions used to arrange and align your content: Arrange Order, Align and Distribute objects.

This new update includes many more features like new tree symbols, hatch patterns, speed optimizations and other improvements.
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