Introducing HighDesign R7.1

The first 2023 update of HighDesign software delivers more than a hundred significant new features in core drafting and improvements.

HighDesign R7.1 – The Next Level of CAD Software for Architects and Designers

The latest version of HighDesign, R7.1 introduces several enhancements and new features that will help architects and designers work more efficiently and accurately. The main focus areas of this release were file exchange and core drafting features.

Faster and More Accurate DXF/DWG Support

One of the most notable updates in R7.1 is the enhanced DXF/DWG support. Exchange DXF/DWG files faster and more accurately with improved support for dimensions and texts, wipeout and layouts. This will help you to collaborate better with your team and ensure that your designs are always accurate.

The new progress window shows the current advancement and stage while importing. Most of the times it will be barely visible, but for larger, more complex drawings it provides a better idea of the current operation and, last but not least, should the file be malformed – which in the case of DWG and DXF files happens sometimes – you can simply close it or click the progress wheel to stop the import.

The imported drawings are much more closer to the original than before: texts and dimension sizes, asian characters, hatches, layouts and viewports are now translated with greater accuracy. The added support for Wipeout entities provides even better results.

Image Sharing

Another exciting feature in R7.1 is the new Image File Sharing. Now, you can export your project as an image file with the new Share panel. Define the size, colors, and choose from an extensive list of formats. This will make it easier to share your designs with your clients and stakeholders.

In addition to this, R7.1 also introduces new Image File Types. You can now open and save images in more formats, including TGA, HDR, and WebP. This will give you more flexibility when it comes to working with images and sharing your designs.

Boolean operations in HighDesign: union, subtract, intersection and exclusion.

Boolean Operations and Improved Drafting

One of the most powerful tools in R7.1 is the Boolean Operations. With this feature, you can apply union, subtraction, difference, and exclusion operations to polygons. This will allow you to create complex shapes and designs with ease.

The operation of this tool is very simple: select two intersecting shapes, such as hatches, polylines or polygons, and apply the desired intersection. Boolean operations always require the definition of a primary shape and a secondary shape, so in HighDesign the first selected object is always taken as the primary object. The resulting shape will be an object of the same class as the primary object.

The core drafting features were also improved: snapping is now more accurate and predictable and provides improved visual cues. Alignments now show better visual feedback about the active points and their alignments. Zooming with the mouse wheel is now more responsive and accurate.

The Home window in HighDesign

Home Window

Finally, R7.1 introduces a new Home Window. This new feature makes it easier to open and create projects, and quickly view recent documents thanks to the new document thumbnails.

The Home window is the new central hub for creating document, using templates, opening recent projects and manage recovered files.

In conclusion, HighDesign R7.1 is the next level of CAD software for architects and designers. With its enhanced DXF/DWG support, new Image File Sharing, new Image File Types, Boolean Operations, and the new Home Window, you can work more efficiently and effectively. Download the free trial today and see the difference for yourself!

HighDesign is the modern CAD and architectural design solution that bridges the gap between traditional drafting and the current processes and 3D spatial thinking of BIM. Visit for more information.

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