A Peek at the Future: What’s Ahead for HighDesign

May 2018 marks the 15th year of development of HighDesign. When it was introduced, HighDesign was a light-weight CAD tool intended to assist professional designers in their every day tasks. It ran natively on the relatively new Mac OS X as well as OS 9 and featured the fundamental drafting tools plus a couple of more […]

HighDesign for Education

At Ilexsoft, we strongly believe in the critical importance of education and research in the world of today. Breakthrough innovations and new technologies empower people, open new opportunities and change lives. And changes begin with design. Accessing the best tools available is essential for effective collaboration and creative thinking. That is why we offer a free educational license […]

Welcome to the Ilexsoft Blog!

Welcome, reader! This is the first post of the official Ilexsoft blog! We will talk about HighDesign, its development, some less known shortcuts and helpful tricks, and the best, smarter ways to use HighDesign to achieve your goals. But we will not just talk about our products. Together, we will explore topics like: great architecture […]