Using sheets, layouts and viewports

A typical project is usually made of many different drawings that range from site studies to structural grids, from floor plans to sections and elevations. All these drawings must then be presented in a conventional form through layouts that will be printed or published as PDF. HighDesign Pro provides an easy way of managing the […]

Styles and Building Element Types

In the previous article, we familiarised with the concept of Style in a HighDesign project and learnt how to create a new style. Now, it is time to see the differences between a style and a type, and learn to manage styles. Styles vs Types A Style is a named, predefined set of properties and […]

Design with Style

Learn how to use styles effectively in your projects. A typical CAD project contains a very large number of objects, which can often reach the thousands. With the increase of graphic objects, parametric elements, groups and symbols, the complexity of the project also increases exponentially, and so does the time needed to find and modify […]

Creating New Symbols

One of the most used features in CAD are undoubtedly symbols and blocks: you design a component once and re-use it many times in different projects, saving time and resources. HighDesign includes a default library of pre-made symbols ready to use in your project, but you can easily make your own library of custom symbols […]

HighDesign 2017. Alternative CAD and Beyond

HighDesign is, in its essence, a CAD software. Yet with its design tools and an approach to projects rather than drawings it is also much more. Whereas most other solutions on the market offer traditional drafting tools, which keep in line with the digital drafting board paradigm, HighDesign adds an object oriented solution to the needs of […]

Layers: Using the ‘Mask Others” command

Layers are one of the most powerful features in CAD, and using them efficiently can make a huge difference in how a project evolves and is managed in time. In HighDesign, layers can be quickly accessed through the Layers pane on the sidebar, that lists all the project layers and provides quick access to some basic […]